Mistress Lady Layla


Find below a list of My particular interests. This list is not exhaustive, therefore if you do not see something you wish to indulge in you may politely contact Me to enquire as to whether I would be happy to engage in such fetishes.

  • Body Worship - Mistress’s body, admire her statuesque body as you kneel before her on your knees and kiss parts that mistress allows. Mistress enjoys leg and foot massage especially

  • Wax play - I will tie you down in a hospital chair and your legs in stirrups and I will pour hot wax all over your body, bigger and smaller candles will be used and you can be pegged at the same time, pleasure and pain, my speciality!

  • Slapping, Trampling, Kicking – I can move between soft and sensual to hard and butal – I know just how much some of you adore this style of abuse.

  • Cock & Ball Torture – I will enjoy binding up your cock and balls and leading your balls around on a chain. I will want those balls of yours tied for my clamps, heels and whips and even hot wax if I feel like it!

  • Shoe & Foot Fetish – For Foot Fetish Fans you will enjoy my size 9.5 shoes, boots and stockinged feet before feeling my beautiful feet all over your naked, vulnerable body.

  • Strap-on Play – I have a range of Strap-on toys to meet all eventualities and mistress loves to hear you whimper for more.

  • Dog Play  – You will act, walk, be treated like a dog and put in a cage/kennel and will be rewarded and treated like one too (to include eating out of a dog bowel)

  • Domestic Discipline – I will dress you as my sissy maid and you will do chores to please me and be warned, I am thorough and if mistress isn’t happy she will cane and spank you appropriately over her knee.

  • Smoking Fetishes – I can help you live out and satisfy some most intimate Smoking Fetishes and fantasies.

  • Medical Sounds & Needle Play – I have a variety of sounds and Mistress will enjoy pushing your limits.

  • Dominant Nurse – I have stunning nurse outfits in PVC and I will see that you have administered what Nurse Mistress Lady Layla Wants!

  • Blindfolded, gagged, maybe even some panties stuffed in your mouth.

  •  play -  Mistress likes to use a belt on the body as a whip and to put it around your throat as she pegs you, it’s my speciality!

  • Corporal Punishment – Everything from the lesser over the knee, to heavier over the bench. Mistress will ensure you a good slippering, paddling, belting, caning, from mild role play to judicial caning

  • Confinement – Ever want to be caged or ignored. I can and will imprison you and like to imprison you cock in chastity also.

  • Hand slapping – All over your body, face and especially your bottom, mistress loves the sound and seeing a red peachy bottom!

  • Sounding - Urethra sounding, a rod is pushed up your urethra, the urethra is lined with super-sensitive nerve endings which mistress finds pleasurable when she stimulates you

  • BDSM – Taking things up a notch! Mistress is willing to take you on a journey to subspace but requires time and opening yourself to the experience, to be discussed

  • Bottom Worship – Mistress has such a womanly curvy body and she will allow you to worship only certain parts and she deems you worth enough to touch her.

  • Mummification – Advanced form of bondage, Body wrap applied and you will be completely immobilised, as I can abuse you but you will be completely defenceless

  • Wilderness Experience (Back to nature) - Mistress will lead you into the wilderness by a lead and tie you tightly to a tree or put you beneath her boot and she will whip your bare skin with nettles, branches, sticks and if you have been a good little sub, may bend you over a stump and peg you after!

  • Electric – Mistress has an estim which she will love to abuse you with.

  • Matt Play – For this session, no equipment is required and mistress will use only her body as a tool. Applying her full weight to your body with her naked feet, you will feel her full force, her hands will be used as paddles and she will use her knees, elbows, bottom, her full weight being placed and forced down on you. This a sensual experience and you may experience a full body massage afterwards.

  • Talk therapy - Mistress will ask you to talk through your session with her, asking you to open up and tell her your innermost thoughts and feelings and as you do this she will apply weights to your balls, cane and tie you down and applying her full body pressure to you, all for her pleasure.

  • Fantasy Roleplay - tell mistress your fantasy and she will be sure to turn up the heat.
  • Kinky Massage - You will be tied down to a comfortable leather table, complely helpless and Mistress will use a variety of equipment all over your body and will include sensous body oil 
  • Breath Play - Mistress likes to retrict you're breathing 
  • Glory Hole - Mistress will tie you up in the confiement cell and will force you're cock through the hold and she will do just as she pleases 
  • Water Sports - I participate in water sports

I also do Pegging, slapping, sounding, bdsm, bottom and body worship, mummification, wilderness experience (back to nature) 

Mistress is really happy to consider any unusual requests that may not be listed. Mistress is particularly interested in an unusual kinks and fetishes, so don’t be shy, you know what to do!

I will work at a pain/psychological level we are both comfortable with and a full consultation will take between us before I will proceed

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