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So now it’s official. Having completed my Masters in Fine Art with a specialism in the human condition through human sexuality, I am now a fully certified Master of Kink, or, in actual fact, a Mistress, but be warned… I like to deviate between the two!

I began work on my MA around a year ago, wondering if our sexual sub culture, fetish, sensuality, sexuality, human sociology and journalism could be applied to the nine-inch red patent heel of the sex industry. I asked if this unorthodox approach could be appreciated as Fine Art, and I am pleased to tell you that I really feel it can.

It started with dipping my toes in the dating pool and this research continued as I became a Mistress.

Mistress Lady Layla was the name I settled for, gentle but with a propensity to cause serious damage if required. We both needed each, the Artist, the sex worker and the author, and I knew there would be sacrifices to be made.

It was an insight into what have we lost, versus what have we gained, and the research is on-going.

I needed to find clients who were open and who would take an experimental attitude to my ideology - and if they weren’t, at least abate my appetite for such things. I was lucky to meet my first client, Gerald Siena, a fellow artist and masochist. Gerald was open to all of Mistress’s requests - and went onto create a zine for my summer show exhibition. This was an insight into the perils and delights of having a mistress and it’s transgressive and a humorous piece of art and he balances it perfectly in a very human way.

My primary goal was to bring a voice to the people I work with – sex workers, doms and subs, trans, sadists, addicts, anybody who has a story worth listening to and can help others. I felt it was important for those voices to be counted, and counterbalanced with my own personal philosophy.

This way I could see as far inside the sub-culture as I possibly could, but, just like Alice falling down the rabbit hole, ‘I too bumped my head and bruised my soul’ - but that was to be expected.

So this is all I am going to tell you for now, but I will end with this:

I am an Artist and Dominatrix

I study the human condition in relation to sexuality and sensuality, and what it is to be human in these times.

I believe in feminism in that I want to bring an ethical approach to being a sex worker 

I uncover the good and bad in all I see and I will speak my truth and share with you everything I know. Hopefully I will help us both in the process, if you are open to such things.

I PROMISE I will give you, and this process, my all.


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Posted on 1st November 2019

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